June 19, 2016

General Schedule

The conference area is on the second floor of Treasure Island Hotel and Resort. See the First Timer’s Guide for a city map and hotel floorplan.

Day 1 – Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016

7:00a–12:00p Badge Pick Up
7:30a–8:25a Gourmet hot breakfast buffet
8:30a–9:25a Kira Poplowski, Drew University, Vice President for Communications and Marketing – “Doubling Down: Making the Most of a Surprise Win”
9:30a–10:10a Kimberly Osborne, West Virginia State University, Vice President for University Relations and Operations – “Branding Your University Using Social Media”
10:15a–10:55a Adam Peruta, Syracuse University, Assistant Professor – “Facebook in Higher Education: The Gap Between What Students Want and What Students Get”
11:00a–11:40a Christen Engel, Augusta University, Associate Vice President of Communications and Kelly Jasper, Augusta University, Senior Digital Media Coordinator – “It’s Not You, It’s Us: How to Breakup with Outdated Technologies and Ways of Thinking”
11:40a–12:30p Guided Roundtable Discussions
12:30p–1:30p Gourmet buffet lunch
1:35p–2:15p Rebecca Jenkins, University of Findlay, Director of Marketing and Communication – “Winning the Logo Whack-A-Mole Battle at Your University”
2:30p–3:15p Carley Weinstein, Hofstra University, Social Media Manager – “Rebuilding Social Media Campaigns to Maintain Relevance and Boost Engagement”
3:20p–4:00p Stephen Ward, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Executive Director, University Communications – “What’s Your Jerusalem? Maximizing the Story with Teamwork and Technology”



Day 2 – Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

7:00a–12:00p Badge Pick Up
7:30a–8:25a Gourmet hot breakfast buffet
8:30a–9:25a Jan Bond, Georgia Southern University, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications – “Essentials of Integrated Marketing Plans for Universities”
9:30a–10:10a Chris Reimer, Maryville University, Associate Director of New Media – “Identifying and Utilizing Your University’s Content Maxims”
10:15a–10:55a Melissa Jackson, University of Georgia, Broadcast Coordinator – “Lights, Camera, Faculty Promotion!”
11:00a–12:00p Guided Roundtable Discussions
12:00p–1:30p Gourmet buffet lunch
1:35p–2:15p Ian Repp, Michigan Technological University, Director of University Marketing & Communications   – “Branding Isn’t a Dirty Word”
2:30p–3:15p Nicole Shearer, University of Nevada, Reno, Communications Officer and Karl Fendelander, University of Nevada, Reno, Online Media Manager – “University Brand Journalism”
3:20p–4:00p Jessica Eise, Purdue University, Director of Communications, Department of Agricultural Economics – “Communicating Contentious and Emotional Issues: The Case of GMOs”



Schedule is subject to change.